Alaska Ivory

Leonard Savage - Ivory Carver
Ivory as an Investment
In the 1970's when I began carving, the price per pound of ivory was $7.00, today the price is above $70.00 per pound. A carving that I sold for $8.00 in 1976 can now bring me
$150.00. So over the years the value of ivory has increased tremendously.
Carvers refer to ivory as 'White Gold' because it is reliable as a good source of income. Many artists depend on ivory carving as the sole source of cash.
Ivory is a durable material that, if properly taken care of, will be beautiful for many years.
Carvings that are hundreds of years old are still in remarkable condition even after being buried in the soil.
Many artifacts can bring in tens of thousands of dollars and many ivory artists can sell their carvings for thousands because of their artistic skill and are famous throughout the world.
Be aware of counterfeit fake ivory carvings from the orient or by non-native carvers.
Only Alaska Native persons are allowed by Federal law to carve Walrus Ivory.
This law not only protects the value of the ivory, but protects the walrus from the abuse that happened to the elephant.
Ask the seller if it is an actual Walrus Ivory Carving from an Alaska Native to insure you are getting an authentic valuable artwork.
About 6.5in. Length.


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