Alaska Ivory
Leonard Savage
Ivory Carver

Sitting Girl with arm over head.
About 5in. Tall of Walrus Ivory.

I had a chunk of ivory on my desk and didn't
have any ideas for several weeks. It was
good, clean ivory without cracks so I didn't
want to carve tiny animals.
Then I was eating when an idea came to me.
It was at supper time, but I had to start it and
worked for half the night in the shop carving
because I could not stop.
I wasn't really sure what it was and it kept
changing slightly as I carved.
I probably could keep it for five years and
find something to do on it but eventually, it
must be declared complete even though its
not done, otherwise I will be here forever.
Hope you like.
Dear Leonard,

Yesterday, a new lady entered my life.  She is at once, a woman and a child.  She is frozen in time, but jumps out of her
image to appear as a fully formed person who has people to see and places go to.  For now, she is in semi-recline, in
contemplation, even relaxing, in the very best presentation of who and what she is.  She is femininity, plain and simple.  She
has been sculpted from nature—and is a natural beauty.  She is playful and serene and wants for nothing.  Her arms are
displayed lazily about, her feet are tucked in beneath her, and she is comfortable.  Lavish hair flows down her back and
around her face, framing her gaze upward toward the heavens.  She could be in the middle of a meadow, before a blazing
campfire, or on her bedroom floor, just there, wherever she wants to be—but she is happy and at peace.

She is a joy and has taken her rightful place in all eternity, as all great art—Clarissa.

Thank you, Leonard, more than you could imagine.

Fond regards,

The Raven Dancer
Me: Grandfather, where did the ravens come from?

Grandfather: A long time ago there were no Ravens in the world.
It was during that time when a young medicine man yearned to fly like the birds. He carved a large bird body
with wings from a black wood he had found in the forest. He tied himself under the black bird and climbed to a
very high cliff. As he stood on the cliff, he sang his magic song..caw..caw!
The people gasped in fear that he would fall and die when he jumped from the cliff, but he did not fall to the
ground and instead floated away higher and higher.
He was so happy he kept singing the magic song..caw..caw!
Because it was so much fun, he didn't want to come back to Earth and as he flew, he sang the magic song
and a strange thing happened, he was transformed into a large black bird that we now call the Raven.

My daughter Siobhan asked: Grandfather, where did the other Ravens come from?

Grandfather: Every time he lost a feather, the feather turned into a Raven.

I have asked the Ravens many times for their magic song so I could fly too, but they just laugh and fly away.
Raven Dancer made from Walrus Ivory, painted with black
ink on dark wood base.
About 6in. Height, 6 in. wing-span.
Swan made from walrus ivory.

About 1.25in. L...........$50.00
plus shipping
Young girl making a birchbark
basket carve from one piece.
Walrus ivory on base.
plus shipping
A mother bear defends her
small cubs from three wolves.

Made from Walrus ivory.
About 6in. base.
free shipping
The Great Alaska King Crab
Walrus Ivory
About 2in. Width
plus shipping
Alaska's State Bird the
Walrus ivory on Base
About 2in. wingspan.
plus shipping
The Honker
This Canada Goose is carved
from walrus ivory and is painted
with watercolor and India ink.
Over a 4in. wingspan.
plus shipping
Ivory Horse
A new carving of a hors
e stands
about 2.25 in. Tall
plus shipping
Sitting Howling Wolf
Carved from Walrus ivory on
base is about 1.5 in. Tall
plus shipping
Carved from walrus ivory is
about 2in. Length.
plus shipping
Ivory Carver using a primitive
Carved from walrus ivory is about
2 in. Tall.
plus shipping
The Jolly Bear named by my
oldest daughter when she was a
Sitting Grizzly holding a salmon.
About 2in. Tall
plus shipping
Ivory Kayak Hunter
Eskimo hunter in ivory kayak is
about 2.5in. Length.
plus shipping
Standing Canada Goose
This Goose is carve from
Walrus ivory and stands about
1.5in. Tall, is painted with
watercolor and ink.
plus shipping
Woolly Mammoth
Carved from Walrus ivory.
Standing over 2.5in. Tall
free shipping
Also have small and medium
The Great Alaska Moose
Carved from Walrus ivory this
moose is over 2in Tall standing on
ivory base.
plus shipping
Moose and Three Wolves.
A giant bull moose is defending
itself from three hungry wolves.
Its a stand-off.
About 5in. L Base.
free shipping
Musk Ox.
The magnificent Musk Ox
carved from Walrus Ivory on
base is about 2in. Length.
plus shipping
Very Large Bald Eagle
Carved from Walrus Ivory.
About a 6in. wingspan.
free shipping
Common Loon carved from
Walrus Ivory and painted
with India ink.
About 1.5in. Length.
plus shipping
Loon with a fish.
Ivory Loon painted with India Ink
holds a small fish in its beak.
About 1.5in. Length
plus shipping
The Elusive Lynx is carved from
Walrus ivory on base is about
1.5in. Tall.
$ 90.00
plus shipping
A Mother Woolly Mammoth
stands guard over her baby as
three Saber Cats approach.
About a 6in. Ivory base.
free shipping
Grizzly with Salmon
My favorite carving is this Grizzly
holding a fresh caught salmon.
Almost 1.75 Length.
plus shipping
Alaska Dall Sheep
Carved from Walrus Ivory
this Sheep stands about
1.75in. Tall.
plus shipping
Moose and Bear
Moose defending itself from Grizzly.
Carved from Walrus Ivory.
About a 4in. Length Base.
plus shipping
Tiny Musk Ox
This small Musk Ox is about 1in.
plus shipping
Small Moose and Wolves
A Bull Moose defends itself from
three threatening wolves.
About 4in. Base.
plus shipping
Small Moose and Moose
Two Bull Moose clash antlers as
they battle for the grand prize.
About 4in. Base.
plus shipping
Goose on Nest
Canada Goose sitting on
Caribou Antler next with two
ivory eggs. About 1.25
$ 80.00
plus shipping
The Little Puffin.
This tiny Puffin sits on ivory base is
carved from Walrus Ivory and
painted with acrylic and India ink.
About .75 in. Tall
plus shipping
Puffin with a fish
Walrus Ivory Puffin carved from
Walrus Ivory holding a fish in
About 1.5in. Tall
plus shipping
Puffin Pin
About 1in. Length
plus shipping   
Carved from Walrus Ivory and
painted with India ink is about
2in. Length.
plus shipping
Screaming Eagle
This Walrus Ivory Eagle stands
over its dinner a salmon.
About 2in. Length.
plus shipping
Large Dall Sheep
Walrus Ivory Dall Sheep is
about 2.5in. Tall.
plus shipping
Sitting Bear with Fish.
Bear sitting holding a Salmon
over its head.
About 1.5in. Tall
plus shipping
Tiny Dancer #1
Little Dancer with feather fans
stands about 1.25in. Tall .
plus shipping
Tiny Dancer #2
Little Dancing man with feather
fans on ivory base stands about
1.25in Tall.
plus shipping
Standing Bear with Fish
Standing Brown Bear with fish in
mouth is about 2.25in. Tall.
plus shipping
Rolling Bear with Salmon
This Grizzly has just caught a
Salmon and is about to have
About 1.5in. Tall
plus shipping
Spread winged Eagle with Fish.
Flying Eagle holding fresh
caught fish has a 4in. wing span.
plus shipping
Spread Winged Raven
ivory Raven painted black with
India Ink has a wingspan of over
plus shipping
Small Dog Team
Basic ground transportation is
the dogteam. Carved from
Walrus Ivory and about 5in.
plus shipping
Standing Howling Wolf
Ivory Wolf stands about 1.25in
plus shipping
Oobluk Ivory Musk Ox
I always liked this Musk Ox
design that is made from artist
About 3.5in. Length.
plus shipping